What is Oral Health?

Oral Health is the state of mouth, teeth and oro-facial structures that enables individuals to perform essential functions such as eating, breathing, speaking and encompasses psychosocial dimensions such as self-confidence, well being and the ability to socialise and work without pain, discomfort and embarrassment. (Ref.: WHO website)

Why is your oral health important?

Your oral health is related  to  your  general health & well being. Gum and Periodontal diseases are related to systemic conditions and diseases like Diabetes, Cardiovascular (Heart) diseases, eating disorders, nutritional deficiencies to name a few. Oral and dental pain can cause loss of concentration, restlessness and you may not be able to work effectively at home or office. It is better to go to your dental surgeon every six months for dental check-up because dental caries is a disease of teeth which will give you no pain in early  stages but when there is pain it is severe and the disease has progressed a lot.

What is  Dr Souparna Roy’s approach to oral health?

Dr  Souparna Roy’s approach to oral health is two fold: (a) Today we live at a time when dental and medical treatments have become very costly.  So he prefers a ‘minimalist’ treatment approach or in other words minimum treatment to get optimum results for good oral and dental health (pain-free & disease-free state of being). (b) He prefers to advise organic and natural therapeutic ways to his patients for good oral and general health.