• Traditional Medicine more than 2500 years old.
  • Natural and Organic treatment method.
  • Effective and Safe form of treatment with No Side-Effects if performed by an appropriately trained clinician.
  • Holistic treatment which INCREASES IMMUNITY (protects the body against infections), REDUCES STRESS within body & mind, RELIEVES PAIN and brings PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL WELLBEING by its action of regulating various physiological functions.
  • Useful in many diseases and clinical conditions
  • People of all age groups can avail this treatment.
  • In ancient times in India this treatment form was called by different names such as Bhedan Karma, Suchi Chikitsa, Marma Chikitsa or Siravedhanam.
  • In China it is known as Chen Chiu and in Japan Shin Kiyu.
  • Various techniques can be used including Acupoint needling, electroacupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, meridian massage etc selected appropriately depending on patient’s condition.
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) considers it as Traditional & Complementary Medicine (T &CM) mainly a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • In 2020 World Health Organization has put in public domain- WHO BENCHMAEKS FOR THE PRACTICE OF ACUPUNCTURE as guidelines for acupuncture practice worldwide.
  • According to WHO GLOBAL REPORT ON TRADITIONAL AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE 2019- Acupuncture remains the most common form of traditional medicine practice, with its use acknowledged by 113 Member States.


  • Keeping teeth and gums in good condition is vital for oral and general health.
  • Recent research indicates- Gum inflammation and periodontal problems are related to many diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Diseases and Cancer.
  • When caries infect tooth at the beginning there is no pain so gets neglected, when pain occurs then it may become too late and require extensive treatment.
  • Twice a year dental check-up should be done.
  • Scaling and Oral Hygiene maintenance should be done regularly as advised by your dentist.

Yoga Pranayama Mudra Therapy

  • Certain breathing and postural techniques can keep us in good health.
  • Selection and proper techniques and measures are required to be known to proceed from illness to wellness.
  • Ancient Indian systems have proven to be effective in preventing and curing many clinical conditions.