Dr. Souparna Roy


Oral Pathologist & Oriental Acupuncturist


Orofacial Pain Relief Without Medicines

Oriental Acupuncture is a Traditional Treatment Method which has been very effective for Pain-Relief. It has been practised for more than three thousand years. In this treatment No Medicines are prescribed to the patient. It is Natural and Organic Treatment. Facial Pain, Facial Palsy, Temporomandibular Joint Pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia and many other conditions can be treated by this. Even Treatment for Chronic Knee Pain, Lumber Pain, Sciatica Pain, Spondylosis are there in this Traditional System of Healthcare.

Dr Souparna Roy graduated in Dental Surgery, further did hisĀ  post-graduation in the specialty Oral Pathology. He further studied and trained in Oriental Acupuncture. He is the first Oral Pathologist in Kolkata who is a Registered Practitioner from the two Statutory Government Bodies – West Bengal Dental Council & The Maharashtra Council of Acupuncture. He integrates traditional therapeutic systems of heath-care with a modern medico-dental approach in his clinical practice.

Transforming Pain and Problems
Into Health and Happiness