Dr. Souparna Roy

Consultant Dental Surgeon & Orofacial Acupuncturist


Oral health & psychosomatic wellbeing

Dr Souparna Roy graduated in Dental Surgery, further did his  post-graduation in the subject Oral Pathology & Microbiology. His passionate interest towards Traditional Drug-less Therapies made him dive deep into the field Oriental Acupuncture & Yogic Psychotherapy (based on Yoga-Pranayam-Mudra Therapy). He is the first Oral Pathologist in Kolkata who is a Registered Practitioner from the three Statutory Government Bodies – West Bengal Dental Council , The Maharashtra Council of Acupuncture & West Bengal Council of Yoga & Naturopathy. He is a versatile clinician with extremely good patient counselling capabilities who has created a positive impact in the quality of life of several patients.  He integrates traditional therapeutic systems of heath-care with a modern medico-dental approach in his clinical practice.

Transforming Pain and Problems
Into Health and Happiness